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Vijayalakshmi R

Dr. Sandeep Dixit is very efficient and treats his patients with dignity and friendliness. He is the best doctor I have ever seen in my life. I had swelling in my feet and joint pain. I got cured very quickly and I am very thankful to him bcoz I was in a miserable condition. I sincerely recommend Dr. Sandeep Dixit for any sort of Ortho problem.

Seetharam Begur Aswathnarayanarao

At Dixit Ortho Care, Dr. Sandeep Dixit and Dr. Santhosh Dixt treat all the patients with utmost care and they go with a holistic approach. Both of them show high degree of commitment towards their duty. It is very rare to get doctors with this kind of caliber and commitment in serving their patients…

Ravi Kumar

Dr. Sandeep dixit is a nice, humble person, has lot of patience and gives his services 24/7…
My mom undergone knee surgery for second leg and she is recovering very fast compare to her first leg condition ( first leg was operated by different doctor and hospital )
I am happy that I have taken right decision and strongly recommends others to take service of Dr. Sanders dixit …

Deepthi Narayan

Any doctor with a personal touch for healing patient’s grievances is very hard to find these days. Dr.Sandeep Dixit is a perfect doctor and his patients are blessed is what I strongly feel. Thank you doctor for your great support.

T S Manoj Nair

I came to People Tree Hospital with severe knee fracture and was lucky to be seen by Dr. Sandeep Dixit. He diagnosed ( Exceptional diagnostic abilities) and recommended for an operation.I was apprehensive first but after speaking to him was very impressed by his approach,one can learn a lot about Patient -Doctor relationship from him. I was operated ( assured of his dexterity for the procedure) and was given instruction for Physiotherapy( which I did ok) , Also he gives very bare minimum medicine, may be his Philosophy is to get oneself better naturally . After 1 year, time had come for the implants removal. Meanwhile I was in touch with him ( he was always available on call/watspp/sms for any queries). Now I am very well. I think he will be easily one of the best orthopedic Surgeons, Doctor par excellence in the entire country.


Highly impressed by the diagnostic skills of Dr Sandeep Dixit. He makes us feel relaxed by removing the fear of “something terribly wrong with me” feeling when we get pain. I appreciate his expertise, caring attitude and practical way of treatment. No doubt he is one of the best consultant i ever met.

Jayanthi v shidhar

Dr. Sandeep Dixit is a very calm and reassuring and an expert orthopaedist. He is very patient in listening to our problems and concerns and also explaining the treatment method to us. He has very good patient bedside manners. Above all, he has excellent diagnostic skill, treatment and healing methods. I am very thankful to him.


Dr Sandeep Dixit is an outstandingly ortho surgeon. He has provided immesnse relief for both my parents. My dad’s shoulder problems and mom’s back problems were treated effectively by Dr Sandeep. He cares for his patients and makes sure they get the optimum treatment. With a balanced mix of physiotherapy, meds and home exercises he ensured my parents were back on their feet and active with no side effects. Thanks Doctor.

Sunil Kulkarni

Dr. Dixit is one of the most efficient and trusted orthopedic surgeons as of today, reason being his quick, modern way of analysis which are flawless indeed. He is meticulous, sincere and very caring.

Be sure to consult with Dr. Dixit before you have any work done.

Saravanan R

Doctor is highly sincere, caring and excellent timely approach to the patients. He is very responsive and open minded manner.  Sharing the knowledge with others and thus showing his reputation. Anybody easily can approach him for the problems. Treatment is simply superb by way of perfect diagnosis and holistic approach And so on

Ritesh Patil

Dear Dr. Sandeep Dixit ,

I wanted to take a minute and thank you so much for giving me back my life….

After 6 Months of pain and stiffness throughout pretty much my whole body, I was finally diagnosed with severe AVN in my-Left hip. Undergone Core Decompression but didn’t worked for me. I had so many opinions about my hip and tried so many different treatments and yet nothing ever seemed to relieve the pain and stiffness until of course I met you.

The world changed from the first meeting. Dr. Sandeep Dixit listened to me! He was sympathetic and offered hope for an active future. His assurance that “you will be able to do everything you can do today” Was music to my ears. I was much more comfortable after our first meeting than I was with the other doctors.

I had spoken with a number of the finest surgeons in South India trying to decide on who was going to do my hip. As soon as I walked into your Hospital I immediately had the feeling I was in right place.

Your hospital staff was as helpful and professional as anyone could ever ask for, making the process simple.

As soon as we shook hands, I knew you were going to be my surgeon. I appreciated your quick diagnosis and confidence I would be back on my feet and enjoying all the physical activity I had always enjoyed. You were right.

I had my surgery on March 4th 2014 and the challenge was my marriage was fixed on 12th may 2014, After 1 week of my post surgery I was able to walk with help of crutches within 4 weeks of my surgery I was able to walk without any aids & help, My marriage ceremony went very well, now I am leading pain free life. The hip feels great and has been able to handle anything I’ve asked of it.

It has been one year since my hip replacement. My life is much different because of it

Thank you so much for helping me regain my life!!


Annapurna MS

Dr.Sandeep Dixit, a wonderful doctor who truly cares for his patients.  He is knowledgeable, caring and does communicates with the patient about the pros & cons of the surgery which does boost the patient’s confidence level to be mentally prepared for the surgery & the post-surgery levels.

My mother underwent total knee replacement surgery (right) from Dr.Sandeep Dixit at People tree Hospital. He keeps us in the loop on the procedures & personally calls with the result. He has been very caring, efficient, dedicated and very helpful during the entire procedure right from the initial consultation till the discharge & insurance procedures.

we hereby thank Dr. Sandeep Dixit for all the support & care. Keep going Sir….thank u.


I would like to Thanks to Dr. Sandeep Dixit through this testimonial. Very sincere, very gentle , very expertise . Makes us feel like someone treating us like small baby. He reconstructed my ACL and its been six months, now am able to jog. I insist some junior doctors to train under him and travel world wide to take care of patients as Dr. Sandeep does. He is one of the best doctor and consultant I have come across. Thanks you

suryakantha Barik

Dr. Sandeep is excellent, i was suffering from knee pain. He is very calm, listened my health problem and prescribed me very less test and medicine. After 10 days, i am fine. Thank you very much. I will highly recommend him for any type of orthopedic treatment.

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